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Általános tartalom | 2011. Jun 16.

Thank you for your interest in Szent István University. Before you begin to fill in your application form, please
take a moment to thoroughly review this document. To successfully apply for studies at Szent István University
applicants must complete all of the following steps:

  • Complete all sections of the application form.
  • Attach a letter of motivation (approximately 250 words), which clearly outlines their reasons for choosing Szent Istvan University and the course.
  • Attach reference forms, recommendation letters from referees (one is good, two is better!).
  • Enclose applicable academic documents:
    - BSc applicants must enclose an official copy of their secondary school final examination.
    - MSc applicants must enclose a copy of their BSc degree certificate and a transcript.
  • Enclose evidence of their English ability, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, etc. (if English is not their first language)
  • Attach an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.
  • Enclose a recent (no more than 30 days old) medical certification

Important note: All the above listed documents are compulsory and they must be in English. Translations from
other languages must be officially certified.

The Application Form and the required documents must be sent to the following address:

Office of International Affairs
Attn: International Admissions
Szent István University
H-2103 GÖDÖLLŐ, Páter K. u. 1., Hungary
phone: +36 28-522-000/1017; fax: +36 28-522-052

Evaluation of Applicants

Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • English skills: Percentage equivalent of English exam score.
  • Principal subjects: Percentages calculated from the results of the two best subjects out of the following: biology, chemistry, informatics, mathematics, physics.

The final evaluation percentage will be determined as the average of the above mentioned English score and the
results of the two best subjects. Applicants with scores above 75% will be directly admitted to the course, while
those with scores ranging from 55% to 74.9% will be admitted to a preparatory course, which includes classes in
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Hungarian Language.

Applicable Fees

Application fee EUR 50 / Student Paid with submitted application
Tuition for BSc programme EUR 2200 / Semester Paid 30 days before registration
Tuition for MSc programme EUR 3000 / Semester Paid 30 days before registration
Tuition for BSc in Wildlife Con. EUR 1800 / Semester Paid 30 days before registration
Tuition for MSc in Wildlife Con. EUR 2000 / Semester Paid 30 days before registration

Both BSc and MSc Programmes are self-financed courses, and tuition fees will be charged. These fees cover the costs of education, research and organised field trips, excursions. Students are responsible for paying any extra fees for course books, accommodation, health insurance and other costs of living.

Estimated additional costs per month:

Accommodation* EUR 180 - 220*
Health Insurance EUR 30 – 45
Additional Costs (food, books, living costs) EUR 200 – 400

*Prices listed are for on-campus student housing


Student housing is available on campus in the student hostel for 180 to 220 Euro / month for double and single
occupancy rooms, respectively. Students also have the option to find accommodation off campus in private
Students who wish to stay in the student hostel of Szent István University must deposit 5 months of hostel fees in
advance to reserve a room. These fees are not refundable. The hostels offer all of the modern amenities, including in-room kitchens and bathrooms. The hostel also houses cafés, a pub, study areas and exercise facilities.
Many Szent István University students choose to find a flat on their own, either in Gödöllő or in Budapest, which is
a 40 minute train ride from the main Gödöllő campus. There are many resources available for students to find
private accommodation on-line. One such popular site is Student Rent Solutions: http://www.srs-budapest.hu/ .
They offer comprehensive services for incoming international students, including airport pickup and “start-up
packages” if you wish.

Please mark your housing choice on the attached housing application form.

What happens after you send your application?

Student applications are considered by the leaders of our BSc and MSc Programmes after all of the required
documents have been received. Applications are evaluated continuously during the application period. The earlier we receive your application, the earlier your provisional letter of acceptance can be sent, if you are accepted, which will detail the decision of the faculty and further instructions, including:

  • payment instructions
  • further necessary documentation
  • date when students need to arrive at Szent István University
  • date when the course of starts
  • accommodation possibilities

“Where should I pay the tuition and other fees?”

Please do not send cash in the mail, transfer the application fee to the following bank account of the University:

Number of Bank Account: 10032000-00282826-00000000
Name of Bank Account: SZENT ISTVÁN EGYETEM
Name and Address of Bank: MÁK (Magyar Államkincstár)
H-1139 Budapest, Váci u.71.
IBAN: HU68-10032000-00282826-00000000

In the comments field, write the following: “MKK English Language Education BSc” or “MKK English
Language Education MSc”

“When can I start my visa application process?”

You will receive the official letter of acceptance (LoA), which is necessary for your visa application, only after we
have received payment for tuition and registration. In the case of a visa refusal, these costs will be refunded.
Tuition fees will not be refunded to students who have been accepted to a program, received a visa and arrived in
Hungary, but do not register for courses and attend the program. However, cases with special circumstances will
be handled individually.

Further Questions:

Please direct any questions to: dekan@mkk.szie.hu or international@szie.hu


Application Form


Application Deadline (for courses starting in September): June 15 (every year)