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   The study programmes of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences cover all areas of agriculture with special emphasis on environmental aspects and sustainability. Numerous degree courses taught in Hungarian and English languages are offered to Hungarian and international students. In addition to the traditional disciplines of agricultural education (crop production and animal husbandry) the faculty offers new programmes, such as wildlife management, rural development, environmental management and agricultural biotechnology. MSc and PhD courses are based on the high quality research performed by the scientists of the faculty in the fields of agricultural and applied sciences.

   Based on our national intellectual resources, acquired knowledge and traditions, the objective of our faculty is the training of competitive professionals in agriculture who will be able to comply with the requirements and challenges of the EU and beyond. Using their theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our graduates are able to fulfill the tasks of rural and landscape development, agricultural and environmental management.  Our most important goal is that our graduates can find a comfortable place in their professional lives, and cherish fond memories of their time spent with us.

BSc  Programmes

Course Name



BSc in Wildlife Conservation and Management

BSc in Agricultural Engineering

BSc in Agricultural Environmental Management


BSc in Animal Husbandry


BSc in Crop Production


BSc in Environmental Engineering


BSc in Horticultural Engineering


BSc in Nature Conservation


MSc Programmes


Course Name



MSc in Agricultural Biotechnology

MSc in Agricultural Engineering

MSc in Agricutlrual Environmental Management


MSc in Animal Husbandry


MSc in Animal Nutrition and Feed Safety

MSc in Biology


MSc in Crop Production

MSc in Ecotoxicology


MSc in Environmental Engineering


MSc in Nature Conservation


MSc in Plant Protection


MSc in Wildlife Conservation and Management


Quality Assurance / Accreditation

    The educational system of Szent István University is accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC). The Committee was established in 1993, as an independent agency, is responsible for accrediting and evaluating the quality of teaching and research carried out in higher education institutes in Hungary. Quality assurance is based on a periodically repeated assessment of the curricula, requirements, and qualifications of the academic staff in each study program. All degree awarding study programs at the faculty are fully accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee and also designed to be compliant with the Bologna Accords for international recognition.

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