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About FAES

Általános tartalom | 2011. Jun 16.

   The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences can trace its roots back to 1920, when the Agricultural Department was established within the Budapest University of Sciences. In 1945, the University of Agricultural Sciences was founded in Budapest, and it moved to Gödöllő in 1950. In the following decades it was the base of the university level higher education for agricultural engineers in Hungary. Since 2000, the faculty has been a part of Szent István University. 

   Through the years, the scope of agriculture in Europe has changed dramatically. Being the largest and primary agricultural higher education institution in Hungary, The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences has been a cornerstone of agricultural innovation and modernization, training many in each successive generation of farmers, researchers and environmental engineers to meet the current agricultural challenges with the most up-to-date technology and knowledge. 

   In 1996, the Agricultural Environmental Engineer program was started to address the issues of sustainability in modern agriculture. In the following years, the faculty also expanded into other areas of conservation, including Wildlife Management and Conservation and Environmental Engineering to name just a few.  

   At present, there are eight BSc, eleven MSc programs, and four PhD schools, in addition to a variety of short courses and post-graduate specializations.  Many of the courses are available in English language.  Every semester many students come to us from around the world to take part in academic exchange and full degree awarding programs at the BSc, MSc and PhD levels.


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